Ken Dodd

An absolute one of a kind solid gold genius.

Used laughter as a weapon to utterly overwhelm audiences. His routines were so incessant that you got beyond being able to breathe properly and just ended up flopped and weeping. An utter master.

And I say that as a tax man.

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Has he died? Did he die a few years ago? I’m so confused

no, doddy


It’s an encore.

You’re thinking of his dad’s dog.


I’m absolutely certain he already died like 5 years ago.

I would have gone for over a decade ago

(RIP by the way)

Gone too young

Haha yeah. Can’t stash all your static assets above the IHT threshold in the attic I’m afraid Ken. RIP all the same.

he only got knighted last year

“I told the Inland Revenue I didn’t owe them a penny because I lived near the seaside.”


I grew up a two minute walk from his house we used to see him in the shops and that, sad day.

Saw him at the Skegness Embassy theatre when I was young. Fun.

Just stumbled across this.

A very fun listen. Treat yourself.