Kendrick and Rick Ruben working together :(


looking forward to having a shitty album guys?
Can’t believe he’s fucked up this bad


did a song with Maroon 5 the other day as well

weird dude




he did loads of dodgy collabs before TPAB and it was still great. hopefully rubin wont fuck this up though.


yeah, was he on the chorus of it just? Thinking he might be trying to get some more commercial attention? Probably earned the right to make some serious $$$

yeah, didn’t he do a fucking spiderman song or something?
Also the verse on Bad Blood was awful


wanna edit your post any more times pal


sorry, didn’t think the initial point was very clear or good


was the spiderman thing the imagine dragons song? coz that was definitely the worst thing he did in that period


it’s this, never heard it before, but like- he’s on the theme song for Amazing Spiderman 2?

gonna listen to that imagine dragons thing


coldplay joins a drum circle


that’s awful


Yeah, everyone was expecting it to be shite. Possibly he just does all these dodgy collabs to raise his profile so when he drops an album of concious jazz noodling he’s still in the spotlight. Can easily see how, handled differently, TPAB would have sold about 4 copies


i think that’s a part of it, but i do think there’s a genuine bit of ‘finding himself’ in it also. he’s obviously aiming big and trying to figure out the ‘right’ ways to do it.


Listening to his own music, though, you really can’t see him going “oh yeah imagine dragons, they’re cool”.


Didnt read the article but uh what’s wrong with him working w Rick Ruben?? Dude is a certified legend.


one word:

slip knot


lol first of all you’ve got two words there, second of all:

a lot of other words


true, i suppose he did produce nirvana’s first EP ‘bleach me’


Has largely produced crap for about 20 years, hasn’t he?


I mean I guess you could say his hit/miss ratio has slipped a bit, especially in the last 5-10 years, as far as who he’s working with. But the records still sound good. I think he’s more of just a mentor at this point. Help talk artists into and out of things, help keep things going during the recording process, instill confidence. This just seems like a non-story to me. KL is gonna make whatever he wants and RR will help him get there, guide him as needed.

I like that Slipknot record btw