Kendrick Lamar LP hype thread 2017

Have assumed for a while that the album is meant to also be listened to in reverse, without having been bothered to make the playlist but reading stuff like this means I’ll give it a go and see if it gives extra mileage.

Clickbait warning: Kendrick Lamar only released one new album that can be played backwards.

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Yeah, I went in deep on this theory and I’m into it.

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Whether or not it’s right, I think the album builds better back-to-front tbh. The run of tracks culminating in DNA feels more of a payoff.

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Yeah, I’ve given it a couple of listens in reverse and it works well IMO, not sure if it’s better but it certainly feels like it’s not haphazard sequencing at least.

I like this more than TPAB. AOTY so far.

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Fucking hell.


How are your anal glands mate?

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Aimed directly into my own mouth so I can begin the much more enjoyable process of shitting into it.

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:poop::cry: x 1,000,000

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How are your anal glands Jeremy? have they stoped crying shit?

May i help you in releasing my bowels into your mouth? It’ll be ten times more enjoyable then just by yourself! I guarantee. I’m experienced.

Are you ok Victor?

My anal glands just won’t stop imploding, and crying shit man! Fuck… So, Yeah… I’m ok!

Goodness me!

We all gotta sacrifice something to get something man. For me. I guess, it was my anal glands.

I hope you find whatever it is you’re looking for in life, Hugo. You’ve got some unorthodox ideas but who am I to judge. All the best mate.

Same to you man! Hope you the best! I just wanna stop my anal glands from imploding to a million shitty tears but, i don’t think thats possible! I’ll carry on!

listened to half of it, didn’t think it was all that.

sorry for the hot take.

Did you enjoy ‘to pimp a butterfly’?