Kero Kero Bonito

Dear Future Self <3

Sadly this album isn’t going to stick with me like the debut did, solid album but they’ve lost a lot of identity. The stuff outside the singles is pretty filler bar a couple of exceptions.

Listened to it again this morning, been ill a lot of this week, it sound much better now that I’m in a more chipper mood

Not sure why such a muted response, the new album’s fucking great. Totally different from the debut, but so so good.

My review:


I fully agree, just haven’t had the energy to say do yet.


I agree now that I finally listened to it without a massive headache and fatigue



top 5 album this year for me pals

(also i am fucking distraught that some bastard stole sarah’s pocket croc on their US tour)

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Completely respect them for throwing some excellent experimental tendencies in with their blissful pop, but I really wish they’d just let Only Acting be an unspoilt banger

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That’s the songs that makes me dance then cracks me up and grin with confusion before cracking up dancing in my head, right?

KKB? IWD? Is this the most me thing to happen in a long time?

it’s at Belgrave but I’ll have to let it slide

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Would anyone like to do me a massive flavour and buy my ticket for the Thursday gig in Manchester off me? Will go lower than FV for a DiS-er

Like Time ‘n’ Place never happened


Finding this thread confusing as the original posts are not about Time ‘n’ Place, only just dawned on me that this was the original KKB thread. Mind if I update the title and make this the all-purpose KKB thread @Yesiamaduck?

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The Bugsnax theme sounds to me very much like something that’d slot in nicely on Bonito Generation, but Time ‘n’ Place genuinely made me wonder what direction they’re gonna take next. Love this band.

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Doing Tim Burgess’ Twitter listening party on the 19th

new track drops tomorrow


I like it.