Kettering Incident


Anyone watching this?


I see.

Tazmanian noir.

The Australian Twin Peaks.

Really big moths.

It’s a bit wank.


Got invited to my mate’s place in Medellin this summer but seems too much of a hassle.


hi Balonz


Hi, it’s quite peaceful in here. Should I go to Medellin?


The title sounds like it should belong to some terrible comic spoof detective novel.


I was told flights were about £500 a pop. Doesn’t look like to me.


“Got invited to my mate’s place this summer but he’s only Medellin”

does that work?


Fuck that. Just enjoy making my pun - that’ll cost nothing.


Is it based on the biker fight I witnessed at Wicksteed Park in the 1980s?


Yeah looks like it will be £2.2k minimum on flights for the family. I’ll print out your pun and we’ll sit round that in the garden for two weeks in July.




Were there potentially aliens, huge moths, changing blood types and greenies involved?


Or on the Highways Agency website, regarding the A14 being shut.


Possibly, it’s a long time ago and my memory of the incident as a 7 year old is hazy. I’ll watch it and see if it triggers any flashbacks.


Where you watching this lonzo? Could do with a new show to watch two episodes of and forget about.


On the old torrents but it is on Sky Atlantic. I guarantee you won’t like it.


i lasted about 25 minutes


See any large moths?


I still guarantee that if you made it into the second season of Hannibal you would love it.

What about Legion? Have you given that a go? The fact it is x-men related means absolutely jack shit.