Kevin and Perry Go Large

I bought this with birthday money on VHS when I was either 9 or 10 years old. I was obviously too young, but I watched it a lot.

Is this film…

  • Absolutely fucking terrible
  • Rhys Ifans’ defining moment

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I think it has aged really badly.

Kathy Burke is a hero


Balearic pumping or commercial pumping

I remember loving it as a teenager.

I’m sure some of the jokes in it will have aged appallingly.


Still better than The Nan Movie

Read this as Katy Perry Go Large

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All I wanna do is do it


I think it can be both

Mrs Patterson, you cheeky girl


there is some truly, disturbingly gross stuff in this film

I’ve been trying really hard to remember it.

Isn’t there a bit with Release the Bats playing and a camera in some maggoty knickers?

never watched it

used to love Harry Enfield & Chums, not sure how that stands up today

I’ll be honest that at the age of 25 when it came out it already felt like that sketch had already had its day :smiley:

Obviously never seen it, didn’t really feel like it was a film aimed at me. I’d pretty much gone off Harry Enfield because of The Fast Show. That started a month or two before Harry Enfield and Chums and it really felt like Paul Whitehouse et al had taken all their best stuff and put it in TFS leaving HE&C a bit lacklustre - barring Whitehouse’s bits as a foreign footballer in Newcastle who keeps slipping in broad Geordie English phrases.