Kevin Bishop is playing Nigel Farage in a sitcom/mockumentary


hands up if you’ve ever heard an idea for a tv programme that sounds terribler in your whole life?

(apart from maybe “Jude Law is the Pope” but i don’t think so)


Might start using that as mock consternation, ‘aye and Jude Law is the Pope… waitaminute!’


Nigel Farage has been playing Nigel Farage in a sitcom/mockumentary for YEARS!


“Do bears shit in the woods?”



thanks for reminding me of star stories, you dickhead


Eurgh yeah, how does he keep getting work


Googled him, and remembered I’ve Googled him every time his name comes up on here.

Get him confused with someone, can’t think who. (Not John Bishop)


Oh… Kevin Bridges!



Harold Bishop?


he was in the porridge remake last month. it’s been commissioned for a full series.


Jude Law? seems an odd choice


i think you mitre be right about that


absolute state of this


F.U.C.K.I.N.G.H.E.L.L. :frowning::anguished::fearful::weary:


Still dining off of his role in muppet treasure island


this is the only reason I can differentiate him from that ‘Lee Nelson’ knobhead

Bishop’s hilariously high-pitched singing in that film is far funnier than anything he’s done since, incidentally


“Look how funny Nigel Farage is let’s put him on everything, he’s great copy… Oh look now he’s stirred up a wave of bigotry and we’ve left the European Union. Let’s continue giving him exposure and see what funny things happen next.”


They’re different people? Ohhhhhh… :laughing:



for some reason I thought this was Kevin Bridges. No idea who the other fella is, thought that was ‘Lee Nelson’ but apparently not