Kevin, the Muscles from Milton Keynes


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Is it post like jordan numbers day?



OMG! You won’t BELIEVE what David Cameron looks like now.

@JaguarPirate potw

Is this that 90s ITV game show Man O Man?

Yup. Inferior to Davina McCall and Stuart Hall’s (arrrfffggghghh) late night God’s Gift.

90s late night TV, fucking hell

Carnal Knowledge
James Whale Show
Tour of Duty
Hammer (he’s in Succession)

These are the programmes my ancestors spoke of.


I remember the title Carnal Knowledge, but can’t remember what it was

It was a Graham Norton sex based quiz of course!

Win Lose or Draw was either on dead early or dead late

Didn’t this guy get fired from the show because he was assaulting his partner? Or maybe it was another muscle guy they had on it

I’m not sure. I think in those days I was mainly concentrating on the 10 women who pushed the blokes in the pool.

My sister used to make us listen to James whale on the radio. Still angry about it.

+ Prisoner Cell Block H repeats;
Saint and greavsie’s golden goals repeats;

Don’t remember Renegade.

He was a baaaad biker with long hair. Got stuff done. Bit like me in many ways

Wow, never seen it before. Maybe it was region specific.



that’s not from the show: that’s the self portrait card I sent you at Christmas

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