Keyboard Fantasies

Listening to the Adam Buxton podcast earlier and at the end he talked about a music doc being released by a friend of his about a forgotten but pioneering folk electronic album of the 80s.

I haven’t seen the film yet but I gave the album a listen and it’s really great. It’s called Keyboard Fantasies by Beverly Glenn-Copeland.

Anyone seen the doc yet or listened to the album?


Yeah, love the album but didn’t realise there was a documentary, will definitely check that out!

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i’ve not seen the film but got into BGC after seeing him at le guess who a few years ago, really like his stuff

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The doc is great. I found it very moving and inspiring.

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I heard some tracks when it was album of the day on Stuart Maconie’s 6music show a while back but ain’t listened fully / seen the film

Definitely interested though. He worked on stuff like Sesame St if I recall correctly?

The original album is great, as is the ‘Reimagined’ project, too:

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Not seen the doc but big fan of Beverly / Ever New

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Just popping in to say I was into Bev ages ago!


Someone recommended me this a few months ago, it’s v good

This was excellent, btw. If you can find a way to watch the documentary, do so.