Keyboard "shortcuts"

i hate them.

Even Alt+F4?

Shift + tab changed my life.

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i mean these

to be more precise, i do not enjoy accidentally doing one of these actions.


= is disappointing if you’re hungry

I’m not sure if there’s a way to disable them, I’m afraid. Also if I did it site-wide then there could be people who are relying on them who’d be affected. Sorry.

I’ve looked through this multiple times now and can’t see squidpan anywhere

It’s one of the options on the hamburger menu. Squidpan deluxe with cheese.

this has never happened to me

I think maybe once. If you lost focus I guess you could type them but most of the g + combinations aren’t in words at least.

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Can you add ‘ctrl + ENTER’ as ‘reply’ ??

Zero control over these, I’m afraid.

Changing/removing them would require mods on the code which isn’t something I’m involved in (or want to be involved in).