Keyboards (computer not musical)

Are you a keyboard sicko?

On one of my many recent deep dives into something I shouldn’t really care about, I stumbled across the community of people who obsess about keyboards, and can tell you niche details about all the little bits inside them and how that affects the feel (and sound, apparently sound is very important) of it. I’d heard of mechanical keyboards before, but I didn’t realise quite how passionate people can be about them.

Like many of us, I type quite a lot, and currently use a slim, compact, wireless Apple keyboard, but now I’m wondering, do I owe it to myself to up my game? Should I track down a replica Model M Keyboard with original buckling spring action?

What you rocking?


Typical rubber domer


I use one of these


This is mine


A true gamer

My main keyboard is an Ergodox EZ, but I’ve replaced the keycaps with unlabelled pink & blue keys. ( The vibe is very “tell me you’re a trans person with wrist problems without…” etc.

I also have a KeyboardIO Atreus for travel (although nowadays it mostly just travels to the office with me). Keyboardio Atreus

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That is some cyberpunk wildness, fair play.


Bought one of these at the start of lockdown one:

Love it. The second-best* keyboard I’ve ever used. Satisfyingly clicky and robust.

** My favourite keyboard is that “magic” one for the ipad where it holds it up with magnets, but that’s a ludicrous price for a keyboard and it only works with ipads so I don’t count it at all.

I have something similar (Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 - now discontinued):

Have been thinking of getting a mechanical keyboard but mechanical plus ergonomic pushes the price up to daft levels. Also very few have numerical keypads and I think I would miss

Some of the options in this category:

The culture around keyboards is a bit ‘real devs don’t use a mouse’ which I find a bit tiresome.


I like these - are you in the US? Can’t see a UK option

I’ve got a mechanical one that came with different options for… something to do with how the keys press???

I put dampening rings on every key and it’s still too loud. Don’t get it. Think it’s the new gamer chair.

I’m in Germany, though I’d be surprised if there’s no way to get them in the U.K… :thinking:

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The biggest consumer scam of all time imo. Got a ten quid Logitech keyboard that does the job - the characters appear on the screen when I press the corresponding button. Used a mechanical that cost 10x that and you’re absolutely having a laugh at paying that much extra.

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That first one isn’t a keyboard it’s a sex toy


Classic Kinesis.

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I don’t particularly care about mechanical keycaps but the difference for me between your standard Logitech/Apple/whatever keyboard and the ones I have is the difference between agonising wrist/shoulder pain every day after work and… not that.

Trust me, if I could have avoided spending 300 quid and still been able to do my job comfortably I’d have done it. :sweat_smile:

Logitech MX Keys & MX Master 3, very happy with both.

I mean I love keyboard shortcuts but yeah this is yawn


They only ever last me about a year before I spill lager all over them

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