Keyboards (musical not computer)

There’s no effects in the synth itself so if you were running it straight into a mixer you’d have the dry signal and nothing else. Which is still nice but it really comes alive with a bit of delay and/or reverb. You can send it into Ableton and use VSTs with it though so unless you decide to ditch the laptop/PC you’re all set.

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There’s no delay/reverb/chorus or anything else built-in (and it only outputs a mono signal). That’s not to say it sounds bad by itself - far from it - but for things like big weird pads, putting chorus and reverb on to bring it into stereo and and space will make it sound loads better.

Ableton’s effects are great, and even better if you can apply them live, as you’re playing, rather than after recording (otherwise you’re kind of splitting the sound design up into two halves; I find it much easier to have the effects for synths - where they’re part of the sound - applied before recording)

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update i got the Microfreak! It arrived today - it seems very fun, although I am struggling to control it. I made a chaotic jam and put it in the WiP thread here, because i’m basically in the space of wanting someone to say ‘make something like this’ so that I have some structure to trying to make something specific with it before I fall down some weird prest-making wormhole (which is a high risk…)

Great service from Signal Sounds too - arrived with 24hrs of ordering :smiley:

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Thinking of selling my Minilogue XD module; it’s basically mint as it’s sat pretty much unused for about 9 months. Nothing wrong with it - I just haven’t got on with it. They look to go for £350-£400 on ebay/reverb, I’d take £300 (plus shipping; free collection from Cambridge) to cut out the hassle. Any interest?