Keys or Bees Up Your Bumhole?

Why not both?

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What I love about this reply is that it would be funny in the “posts that are funnier out of context” thread, but this is exactly the context that it was intended for.

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Sorry all, I’ve been busy since posting this. Interesting to see that it’s a landslide for keys aside from the arch-pervert.

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Bees up mother brown. Sorry that’s all I’ve got

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Don’t apologise.

Solid gold.

really not sure if thats photoshopped or not.

“The Key To Atlantic City” sounds like a euphemism

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They are an essential part of the ecosystem, I want to give them a safe haven

Beeeeees in my bumhole.
Fire in the sky.

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Doctor doctor, I’ve got bees up my bum

Hmmm, I’ve never seen hives like this before

yeah i was sure this was going to be the ol’ saps switcheroo, where you say ‘keys’ and then the fucker comes back with a grand piano

fool me once

I’ve really been mulling this over and I have some thoughts. Bees only sting if they feel threatened right? If you could reassure them it could be okay. And the buzzing might not be entirely unpleasant. Although getting them back out could be a task, so they’d want to be on a lead of sorts. Not a great big dog lead cause then you’re just putting stuff up there for the sake of it, so unless you’re into that then maybe a bit of thread.
Now. Keys. Would be easier to get out cause presumably they’d be on a ring? Are they really cold or have they been warmed up in someone’s pocket?


Dying to hear more about this part.

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Some “jokes” I’m close to posting:

“With an anal yale, she cried more more more”

Something about if you die with keys up your bumhole, would rigor mortice (lock) kick in?

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There’s a few options. Now, I can’t speak bee (YET) but I could find some happy bees, record them, and play it back to my arse. Or ply them with… pollen, or whatever, so they’re mega chill. Maybe let them go for gold on some fun but frowned upon plants to keep them mellow. Or give them a nice fruity cider cause they love that stuff. Could make them fighty though, it is a risk. Could dress up like a big queen bee. Could pop some honeycomb up there for them.


Could there beee any more bees up my bumhole?

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:joy::joy::joy: this might be because I had some shots just now instead of lunch at work but this has utterly done me. @Joke give this a nomination please.

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Think you’ll have enough on your plate without faffing about trying to find the volume keys.

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could do something with the urban cookie collective maybe?

Ye of little faith!

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