KFC delivery

Does it travel well?

I highly doubt it.

Doesn’t travel well from the deep fryer to the counter mate!


Direct from Kentucky? Itd get cold!


if it didn’t have a minimum order amount I’d have found out a while ago.

Nando’s delivery is good though, travels fine

Travels fine m9

I can confirm that it does not.

it does get Kinda Friggin Cold. ayeeeeeee im lame :sunglasses:


It’s one of those things I’m happy to go and collect in my car and shuttle it home, but don’t like the idea of how cold and/or sweaty it’ll get if it’s being delivered, potentially with stops en route or an idiot who gets lost with it for 10 minutes.

See also: Fish and chips or a burger.

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I find that KFC, more so than any other fast food, leaves me with a sense of shame that lasts at least a few hours.


Personally the time I ordered home delivery McDonalds whilst hungover was one of the most shameful and lowest points of my life.


how was it


Hark! Kenneth Tuckey’s warm, smiling, grandfatherly face welcoming you to enjoy the chicken. He is casting you a look that says “I fried up this chicken just for you, with care and precision such that as you taste it, so do I taste the emotional resonance that formulates upon your most satiated palate”.


Is Kenneth Tuckey mocking you? The warmth is still there in his face, for sure, but there’s an artificiality to it now. It is as if that grandfatherly quality were re-heated in a microwave of world-weary cynicism, looking now more like a semi-estranged great uncle who is angrily trying to murder ants with the glass shards of a bottle of Stella.

You assume you’re just being paranoid. Look at Kenneth warmly offering you a serviette with which to clean your hands; you walk towards him, with a warm smile now forming on your own face, to take the serviette when what does he do - O! Cruellest Kenneth! - but hurl the serviette to the floor with a might fuelled by unambiguous disgust.

With that now certainly mocking smile, he says “Pick it up, you shameless drooling scourge of roosters!” adding with a cruel drawling cackle, “That is; if you can gain purchase with your greasy idiot hands, you poultry-satiated dolt! Gwa-ha-ha-ha!”

Tears roll down your face and find a home between your quivering lips. They taste greasy.


Don’t really know, it’s been a long time.

The chicken travels pretty well. The chips definitely don’t, but lets be honest they’re total shit to begin with.

Maybe it needs to get a passport?

Read that they’re trialling new style, thicker chips in some KFCs, and if they’re good then they’ll roll them out everywhere. current ones are rubbish, I always quite liked their old chips before when they were thicker myself.

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