KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) - A speculation thread


Buckle up guys, it’s time for a bit of thought.

The twitter.com using members here may have noticed a strange phenomenon on their timelines in the last couple of days. Posts (or ‘Tweets’) from seemingly random users that you don’t follow which criticise the standard of fry (or chip) available in KFC. Keen-eyed users will then have spotted that they are being promoted by the official KFC Twitter account!

Why would KFC be paying to promote other people’s tweets criticising one of their products? What could this mean?

My hypothesis is that KFC are going to be improving their fries (or chips) in the next few days or weeks and this is a kind of ‘below-the-line’ marketing strategy ahead of the change.

Got any thoughts on any of this?


Got no thoughts on this I’m afraid.

Good luck though!


Thanks Bammers, enjoy your day x

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I dunno about that but I really fancy a KFC now


i shared one of those yesterday in the social media thread, then noticed a spate of them.

my ex-partner commented to me just the other day that on a recent visit to a kfc she had seen an advert reading “new fries coming soon”

i now realise i have been duped by an elaborate marketing ploy. the shame!


Could be that, might be as simple as the fact that they know their market position so realise that this sort of publicity isn’t really going to harm the brand, but is the sort of thing that will go viral. Pretty clever either way.


Would the Colonel be as cynical as that though?

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With or sans fries? (Sans means ‘without’ in French)

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I got some Korean Fried Chicken for the 1st time last week. Was really nice but more expensive than KFC/ chicken cottage type chicken

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They always get a bad rep for their fries but I think they’re good, you just don’t get enough of them

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and just make it look like they changed their fries because a couple of babies on twitter had a cry? nah, doubt it

reckon it’s not the actual blue tick kfc account at all but a false flag operation orchestrated by the clown

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I am of the opinion that their fries are bad because they aren’t actually fries at all, they are just thin chips.


Which clown?


Fucks sake, KFC is the only fast food I crave whenever anyone mentions it.


But I also heard they were replacing their fries a few months ago so thats probably it


At this point I think the Colonel is nothing more than a figurehead, quietly despairing at what the company has become, but too weak to do anything about it.




They’re changing their whole menu to make it less calorific


Dont think I have ever finished a KFC, too sickly


They always had the worst fries


When I had KFC in the US some time ago all the meal deals and buckets and stuff came with biscuits instead of fries.

I’m not sure they sold fries at all. Did I dream this? It was in Palm Springs