KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) - A speculation thread


Here in the Czech Rep you can get KFC chips (same as back home, fairly soggy but can be nice).

OR you can get ‘potato chips’ which are genuinely just warm crisps. In fact, these are the default so unless you specify when you’re ordering you get hot crisps with your Zinger burger and everything is terribly confusing.

Also, there is NO KFC GRAVY here.


Woah, this sounds incredible. Warm crisps?


It’s a thing here, freshly made crisps. You get them in pubs, it’s pretty sweet. Sadly the KFC ones are pretty shite so it’s not as good as it may sound.

You get these as street food a lot round these parts:


I’d like to eat that


No gravy? No country! Burn ur country


Czech that out!




New chips are shite, lads. Worse than before.


This is the one thing we didn’t want to happen.


i don’t believe you


imagine putting kfc on a plate


i find this very weird, bam.

do you have to be present when the gravy is being made? would you trust me to make you a gravy?


something very hannibal lecter about this.

big fan of cushion under plate tho


Weird for it to be explicitly gravy, not all foods or even things like soups, curry etc.


Bare legs in practically December, I do declare!


But everyone knows the purpose of a cushion under the plate is when the plate is too hot! This dinner reeks of stone cold chips and burger.


how many foods would you only eat if you knew the person that made it?!


I don’t have to imagine! I’m living it baby!


I use the cushion more for support, and the fact that it would be a very awkward eating experience were the plate on my lap. maybe me and big tone have very long torsos