KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) - A speculation thread

“biscuits” though.

like i’m sure they’d be alright with loads of gravy or something but who the fuck wants a massive dry scone with some chicken? makes no sense


That’s disappointing

WOAH WOAH WOAH could just mean we dont get the greece puddle on the bottom of the bucket, I’m whilling to give it a chance.


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I don’t really buy the bucket based dishes from KFC

Interesting theory, most likely correct. However let me offer you an alternative if I may. Maybe its a new style of marketing you get people to criticise yor product in horrible way so yor fan base turn against them and create an over reaction that makes more positive exposure on social media. ( I am not on twitter so this is speculation in its purist form I hope like u it Ant)

We had gravy, think that’s pretty key

Not particularly Interestingly, this is basically what he was like for the last few years of his life. He sold off all the rights and was kept on as a brand ambassador and that, then used to go round America going into random KFCs and booting off cause the chicken wasnt as good as he made it


I like this theory, it’s quite radical but I understand that the kids these days are into “negging” so this could be an example of that.

Also the KFC chips are the perfect consistency for the Gravy but are awful on their own, order a pot of gravy and dip away friends!


Did you watch the film The Founder?

I can’t say I’ve ever heard of that picture, sorry

If I were so inclined I might make a post about how anyone who gets something other than gravy as their KFC ‘side’ needs their head examined!


KFC chips for some unknown reason remind me of a limp hand shake


No problem, it’s not that good.

(I liked you referring to it as a ‘picture’ though, might start doing something like that myself)

Cool. I don’t eat meat and don’t use twitter so not sure I can contribute much more to this thread. Have a great time though, and a great weekend if I don’t speak to you before home time

Kentucky fucking christ


ray allen, the man who brought kfc to these shores, turned against the company in 2015 due to their declining standards. could this all be a ploy to get him back onside?

Thanks mate, you too. I know we’ve had our differences this week but I wish you nothing but the best at all times x

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Guys what if this thread is also part of the marketing? Can anyone categorically deny a link between KFC and Sports Interactive, making of popular football management simulator Football Manager (available 2 November from all good stores)?

How deep does this go?


Can’t see it lasting long