KFC Pizza

Would consume.

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Lot of big opinions about chicken on pizza tbh

Can’t eat my
Can’t eat my
No you can’t eat my
Gravy Base


Crime against food

Really want to try it.


Think I’m going to get this one night this week

can’t leave this stone unturned


I’d swap the gravy for tomato sauce if possible. Popcorn chicken is tasty as fuck.


I got that boom ba-boom boom
Boom be-boom boom base
Gravy base


So it’s just pizza with KFC gravy and popcorn chicken on it? Bit pointless

how on god’s green earth is that pointless? read your post again.

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Sounds fucking terrible so clearly I will try it and probably enjoy it.

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KFC, pizza and gravy combined.


I don’t think there’s ever been a truer example of “three rights make a wrong.”

KFC gravy is particularly bad

It’s like brown wallpaper paste.

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And its bloody amazing for it

Yeah, I was going to say it reminds me of Papier-mâché

See KFC’s gravy in the USA isn’t bad. Its a smooth sauce meant to be draped over mashed potatoes here.

Did it taste like chicken? I only ask because I often used to find fake meat burgers too grim (e.g. Linda Macca’s beef burgers) but I’ve a few of the Beyond ones and they don’t have that.

I had one yesterday - it somehow tasted like the plainest thing I’ve ever eaten.

Terrible news

Going on Sunday to see for myself