Kickstarter to raise money for colossalhorses family after he drinks a pint of soy sauce



Reckon we could get £500 together for this? I’ll miss @colossalhorse, but it’d be a great vid.


Can a mod delete this thread I’m getting someone to do it for £20


Start your own thread for your cheap soy-knockoff




I’m afraid I had my people run some numbers. It’s no good. Ahm oot.


We’ll need to raise an extra tenner for safety potatoes too


I’m reading How Music Works at the moment and very much enjoying it, despite not being all that into Talking Heads.


£5 Old Blue Last etc.


Good book that.



Thinly veiled bought me that and I would like to read it but it’s hardback and massive so I can’t be bothered to carry it around with me…


Soy Sauce!
Hola Sauce!


Boyfriend? Man why do you have to put a label on things I thought we were just having fun.


I didn’t make the meme!


Oh so I suppose the puppy made it itself, did it? Is that what you want me to believe? Puppies are out there making memes now?



I’ve done the maths, guys. You could do the drinking game Roxanne but every third Roxanne you could have a new potato instead of a shot of soy sauce. So, if they say Roxanne 26 times in the song, but one third of those are potatoes, that’s… what, 17.2 (we’ll just say 17 for arguments sake) 25ml shots (single measures, let’s not take the piss here)… that’ll only be 425ml of soy sauce which is less than a pint AND you’ll be getting the required amount of counteracting potatoes

Better Luck This Time: POTW
Better Luck This Time: POTW

I’m not sure I can eat potatoes that quickly. Maybe if it were a slowed down version of Roxanne, say half speed, give me time to get the potato down.

If nothing else it’ll be guaranteed to get on Buzzfeed. “WATCH: man drinks shots of soy sauce, eats potatoes to strange doom version of Roxanne in the internet’s most depressing video.”


New potatoes, not whalloping great Maris pipers. Could parboil them for ease of chew but I haven’t done enough research to know if that would compromise their ability to absorb the salt.
Or do your potatoes during the verses and save the soy shots for the chorus?


What a sheltered online life you must lead if you think that would be the internet’s most depressing video.


Mate you have no idea how depressing it is just to watch me eat a regular meal, never mind shoving fistfuls of potato in my face while slow motion Sting warbles in the background.