Kid Amnesia - Nov 5th

Yeah, they’re the ones I’m referencing

IR is the first one I can remember having a box/special edition vinyl. I mean, map or book versions of CDs are so passe

I’d be interested entirely from the point of view of material like the OKC box cassette: fragments and isolated elements and the like. There must be a good deal of that in the vaults for this era

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Impossible for me to recall as I didn’t buy vinyl apart from coloured 7" when the first 5 came out and while I did have a turntable by HTTT, I was into only buying indie things at gigs.

I tell you if there are tracks better than Hunting Bears that they just passed over for Amnesiac I’m going to be grumbles.


I bought it just for that (well, the download) and then they put it on the Radiohead public library for free. Still irked.

Well, as it happens…


Reckon we’ll get any versions of Follow Me Around on this? I can’t remember if that was on OKnotOK


I think some were disappointed we didn’t get it with the OKC reissue, pretty sure it was from those sessions?

Here’s a chat about what might he in the vaults

I would personally like to hear I froze up, and an earlier take on Motion Picture Soundtrack. The early version of Reckoner (feeling pulled apart by horses) would he interesting to hear in studio form too

I thought it was written as a response to the OKC reception, but could be wrong. It was definitely around in '98 as it was on that Grant Gee movie, whatever it was called.

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Meeting People is Easy


Would be interested in a Bends era MSP but not sure if Leckie ever got them to record it.

I have an acoustic bootleg somewhere and wasn’t there at least one version on the OKC minidiscs?

What about one of the other 400 versions of True Love Waits from around that era? There must be a couple that are worth hearing.

I do get the impression though that a lot of the leftovers from these sessions ended up on other albums (the lyrics for Where I End and You Begin are printed in that weird hidden booklet thing, for example). I’d maybe be most interested in something we haven’t even heard of before pulled from the vaults.

Could just be fancy packaging though


300 versions of knives out pls


“Knives In: The Complete Knives Out Sessions”, 300 disc boxset (or limited edition 600 LP set)


2 Knives 2 Out


when is this going to be available to order then? Have I missed it?

(Give us your) Dollars and Cents

Life in a Fucking Massive house

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People don’t post enough Spinal Tap on these boards.