Kid Cudi - Speeding Bullet 2 Heaven

Most interesting record of the last 5 years.

Thoughts etc?

Intriguing rather than interesting, perhaps.

I agree with littlebirds, like I don’t know why it’s a thing or what Kid Cudi was thinking but its not got an interesting story and the music isn’t interesting. Still though… how the fuck did he think at any stage that album was a good idea?

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I kinda like it…it’s both really shit and really good


This album is really good

Are you just doing this to try and trick people into listening to it? If so you’re very committed to the bit :grinning:

I just really love Cudi

Might give it another listen because it is great for WTF lolz. Like a wacky bit of outsider art. But it’s also a bit of a slog due to the length so IDK

There are interesting elements. I’ve always suspected Cudi wanted his own 808s and Heartbreak, having that page in the history books effectively stolen from him by Kanye jacking his style before his album ever came out and reducing him to a footnote.

But he neither had the cultural cache that Kanye had at the time, the self-editing nor (let’s be honest) the talent necessary to have any kind of impact. At a push, you could maybe say Frank Ocean pulled off something similar to greater effect with bits of Blonde, and it’s low key, bedroom guitars and soul bearing.

Confused is a very good song and I still come back to it

Can’t sing though can he