Kid Rock is back



Am convinced that if he took his hat off his hair would come with it, Hulk Hogan style.


So, I’m balding quite badly, like hilarious '70s sitcom character style with loads around the sides and back and a hideous mess of shiny head and stringy hair on top, but if I wear a hat I look like I’ve got a real robust head of hair. This is definitely what Kid Rock’s got going on.

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I’m not as angry as Kid Rock though, so +1 to me


That looks fine though, whereas every time some rich old weirdo does something like this or Trump’s thatched roof arrangement they look ridiculous.

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I’m just waiting to go full Larry David and then I’ll be right. Can’t speak to Kid Rock’s long-term hair goals

He’s getting sore like an seagull. Something something lion.




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Speaking for a lot of us there.

Next three Republican president’s

2 Donald 2 Trump
Vince McMahon
Kid Rock

Luckily before they get a 4th society will have completely collapsed and we will have other things to worry about.


my karaoke version


Maybe Dwayne The Rock Johnson will finally save us all

He could literally wrestle Vince for it

actual tears when the piano comes in. please keep doing this


‘no one can tell me what to do’ - limits of what you want to do is sitting in a bar drinking cans (?) Of beer

No need for personal attacks mate. I only said it was a banger

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A quick read of his wiki and turns out he never really went away. (I vaguely remember kid rock trying to disrupt the second hand ticket market).

Apparently this is the first cut off his upcoming triple album.

More persecution porn. Im so triggered.

I suspect a significant heel turn is in the offing from the one time Corporate Champion. Pins Vince McMahon for the Presidency then introduces Tucker Carlson as VP.

Still not as fucking ridiculous as Donald Trump being elected.

Just wait until it happens again. We haven’t even started to plumb the depths of ridiculous yet!