Kids and Festivals (Family Thread for the Music Board FTftMB)

Wife and I are taking our three year old to End Of The Road in September, realise it’s going to be VERY different to festivals we’ve been to in the past.

We’ve just bought a new tent which is MASSIVE, planning on rocking up Thursday evening to get a good spot in family camping and depending on the headliners may leave early-ish on the Sunday so we’ll have a good few days. We’ll do a ‘warm up’ camping trip a couple of weekends before in the New Forest just to get her used to sleeping in a tent. Not sure what our days will be like…she loves music and dancing so will hopefully be able to watch a few bands. I really want to see The Comet Is Coming and she always dances to their last album so hoping that will be one we can enjoy together but WHO KNOWS.

What are your experiences good / bad / ugly of kids at festivals? Any top tips to share? Any must have item that I will definitely forget to pack?

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End of the road seems incredibly kid friendly.

Apparently the cinema tent has an early morning kids film screening every day at like 8am or something which seems a perfect way to kill those couple of hours when nothing else will be open

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Can’t really offer advice for a three year old, because we didn’t start taking our daughter to festivals till she was nine, but the good news is that I’ve never seen a kid having a bad time at a festival. Most of the ones I go to have specific kids areas and activities as well, so you can sit there and do some crafting with them while your partner gets to watch their favourite band unhampered.

And wet wipes, lots of wet wipes.

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As @aggpass says EOTR is very kids friendly, if that puts your mind at ease at all.

Saw quite a lot of parents making these kinds of trolleys kid friendly (think blankets, fairy lights) for toddlers who clearly got a bit knackered. There’s usually plenty of space around the back of the main stages that they don’t get in the way at all, it’s not a very crowded site


Could go one of those on a comedown actually.

Might get my darling partner to drag me around until at least 4pm every day when I start feeling normal again


You can hire those for the weekend at Green Man, so I’d imagine they use the same company at EOTR

Ah didn’t realise they were a hire company, thought it was ultra competitive parenting at its finest tbh :smiley:

The ultra competitive parents are those that decide to buy one of those, or the ones tat take their tag along trailer off the bikes to cart them round

we tend to hire one of these for a couple of hours to drag our stuff to the campsite because our tent is heavy and the walk to a quieter spot from the car park is longer than you’d think. Worth it.

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Aye I had imagined it was a case of: useful thing to lug all the extra kiddy crap from the car, then jazz it up to lug the kid around

Yeah I’m definitely getting one of these for all our shit this year. How much do they cost, and do you pre-book or just pay cash there?

Whilst I’ve never taken my kids, a couple of friends have taken theirs in the past and had a great time. That said:

Year one with one not really walking kid - fine.
Year two with one walking and one not really walking kid - Not too bad
Year three with both kids walking - They looked constantly exhausted and I believe went home early on Sunday

They’ve been back since without the kids and I don’t know if they plan to ever bring them again.

This is EOTR by the way. It is very child friendly.

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We also use the trolley service for carting our stuff up to where we camp. I think it’s a 50 quid refundable deposit and then a tenner an hour or something. We always massively overload it and then struggle to get the thing up the hill to our camping spot near the Tipi Tent.

One of the big reasons for taking the kid this year is that Aardman have done workshops there and I wanted an excuse to go to that!

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Definitely hiring one of these for the weekend - she gets knackered with too much walking but we also need to leave her pushchair at home to save car space!

Probably stating the obvious but invest in decent ear defenders for them rather than ear plugs.

Kids in big ear defenders at festivals having a bop is one of the most adorable things I’ve ever seen too. So top heavy


Think it’s £50 deposit which you get back at end and £15 per hour iirc

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Ah, thanks for this thread, I had loads of questions about taking the kids to Green Man this year, but some applies to any festival so better to go here.

The trolley hire looks good, though we did get a friend offer to lend us theirs. Really depends if we’ll have space in the car. Thing is though we’re at the GM Settlers field for the whole week, and they only hire them out from the Friday evening. So, for Settlers do we get to park relatively nearby? Or will we still have a ways to go with our stuff?

Ah, I’ve just noticed a weird one. Our 5 year old is currently still down as an under 5, which is free, because he would have been under 5 for GM20. Is this going to be an issue? It says they might ask to ID the kids, will he be restricted in any way when we’re there if we don’t upgrade it? I’m kinda on the fence with this morally. I mean, we did book for GM20, not 21.

Just don’t bring his passport.

Does mean he’s unlikely to get served at the bars though