Kids and grown ups love it so, the happy world of

The National Lawnmower Museum in Southport


Or the Derwent Pencil Museum in Keswick.




We’ve got a player and we call him Mokoena,
we’ve got a player and we call him Mokoena.
We’ve got a player and we call him Mokoena,
Heyyyyyyyy Michael Winner!

Calm down dear, its only Tangfastics

The Kidderminster Museum of Carpet

  • Tune of a museum
  • Shite museum

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Cummy bears



Michael Winner sadly passed away in January 2013 so he never got to hear Get Lucky. Wonder what his definitive sound of the summer was

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Been there.

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I once donated a pencil to the Pencil Museum (it was a 1940s Utility Pencil which they surprisingly didn’t have). I got a free entry and a new pencil for my trouble - everyone was a winner.


Been there, it is far from entertaining (surprise!) and I think it may even be a scam to lure you into their non vintage lawnmower showroom

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Can I ask why?

Screams of the damned

Two mates and me stayed in Southport to watch a Luton game (I cannot answer the ‘why’ to this bit unfortunately) and having exhausted the possibilities of the pier (approx 5 mins) this was the only remaining form of entertainment after identifying most of the pubs as murder zones the night before. I think Luton lost 4-0

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Bet someones made them

Museum of rural life