Kids in Dinosaur Costumes

Never gets less funny does it?

There’s a Walking With Dinosaurs spectacular going on at the O2 at the moment and outside my office is a teeming mass of overexcited children screaming about dinosaurs. One of them was wearing some sort of gold lamé Stegosaurus onesie, which was great and made her look like the youngest member of the Leee John Fanclub.


I have a dinosaur costume


is that not a dragon?

Big fan of a kid’s enthusiasm for dinosaurs


Same thing aren’t they?

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Unrelated but semi-related, my nephew and niece are at Disneyland at the minute, my nephew has been excited for weeks about getting to meet Goofy because he “wants to ask him something”. We’ve been speculating what it is he’s so keen to ask Goofy because he wouldn’t tell anyone, met him the other day and it turns out the burning issue was “Goofy, do you brush your teeth?”


As I understand it, costumed characters at Disney do not speak, so I hope he wasn’t disappointed not to get a response (perhaps one of Goofy’s handlers answered on his behalf?).

According to my sister Goofy “motioned that he brushes his teeth three times a day”. She was of the opinion that this was an excessive amount


That’s Americans for you, very keen on dental health.


Woah. What the hell, man?

Of all the bullshit I’ve been spouting today, this is the one that awoke the dragon


I was on the Jubilee line coming back from Westminster to North Greenwich this lunchtime. Opposite me there was a little boy with his mum. He was looking quite tired and bored, because tubes are boring and it was hot. When we got to Canary Wharf he suddenly sat up and said “Yay! One stop to dinosaurs!”


YES! Yes they are.

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OH god, I remember where I heard this now. I was watching Dark Tourism on Netflix and someone’s built a massive ark and on that ark they show examples of the types of animals that would have been on it… including dinosaurs? Oh wait, no, that’s not what I was thinking of. But still, there we go. Rambleshite.


Left, Dragon
Right, Dinosaur.


My three year old nephew will regularly burst into the chorus of this:

It’s fantastic

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I read this a few hours ago while at work, but wasn’t logged in. During my journey home I thought about this again and laughed merrily to myself for a few seconds. Top post.

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Luna goes to a music group every Friday and one week the babies all had dinosaur tails strapped to them before the parents stomped around singing Walk The Dinosaur. The tails were too big and just anchored the kid in one position awkward position. Looked pretty funny tbf.