Kill Kenada



I don’t know if any of you guys were into Kill Kenada, but here’s an article about Kill Kenada written by Kill Kenada


Used to really like this band. Think I still have the pink album on cd and some of the vinyl. Will give another listen now. Always thought that second album did sound really disconnected, this makes sense to why!

Awful craic about the brain tumour, hope it’s become a full recovery.


used to love massachusetts murder medallions


Tim from KK now does Dancehall with my boy Craig fae Spoilers


As in that’s their name, not the genre/subculture




They’re very very good :blush:


THANKS for this…superb. Loved KK and hoovered up the Million Dead one after reading.

Great idea for a website. Do Cable next!


This is brill, bookmarking some of these :smiley: