Kill Yr Vinyl

i thought the idea behind it was that it would damage the other records on the shelf next to it

Totally agree that records should be listened to rather than kept for display or whatever in ‘pristine’ condition.

My particular pet peeve is this weird trend for keeping records in their shrink wrap cos I think it looks awful apart from anything else.

However, totally not with you on the deliberately fucking up of records. I’ve pretty much stopped buying second hand, which is a real pity, cos I’ve had some bad experiences with buying records that have clearly been played to death with ancient blunt needles and sound terrible.

Respect the music by playing it not just admiring it but respect the music (for future listeners too) by making sure it’s kept in reasonable listening condition.

a couple of second hand shops i go to are very good for running the records through a proper cleaning machine before they go on the shelf. they often play better than records i buy brand new.

Does that solve the problem of them being played with a terrible needle/crosley/ whatever? I thought they could score the grooves permanently? No issues with records being dusty or finger marks if you’re buying second hand but I do draw the line at needle damaged ones.

no idea, i know nothing about records and i’m probably destroying them myself

Yes that was the idea, although the Rolling Stones had done that earlier with the sleeve of ‘Sticky Fingers’ with the metal zip.

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Yeah, but as I mentioned above (have you all got me on mute?), the original Durutti Column were 1920s Spanish anarchists who did this with their magazines, pre-dating the Rolling Stones by decades


The jewel cd cases are an abomination imo, I much prefer the sturdier cases with the black plastic strip on the side even if they look ugly

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We need @rob.orch in this thread


The only good cd packaging was the constellation cd releases in cardboard sleeves from the early 2000s

there are lots of nice cardboard CD sleeves imo. Fire Records ones are really nice.

i enjoy a digipak as well

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