Killing Eve 👯‍♀️🔪🩸 (s4 spoilers blurred)

It would appear we don’t have a thread for Killing Eve yet! And I just started watching s4, which for me could not have come at a better time for the distraction, so I thought we should have a place to talk about it.

Like with so many shows, I was super late to the game, and then watched everything in one go (earlier this year) and obviously loved it. It’s a whole thing I have with popular shows.

Anyway, gifs, jokes, analyses, and thoughts on Villanelle drag Jesus welcome here, but please do blur any spoilers from the new season for now.

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The soundtrack is still excellent but I think it’s right to end it now. Not sure how far you’ve got but enjoying the new assassin played by the very funny woman from We Are Ladyparts (if you haven’t watched that do it’s very good- on channel 4).

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