Killing Eve

This is pretty good eh?



watched it all over the weekend, really good. hope martin from the bridgeisn’t actually dead.

anyone read the books? are they any good?

it’s a very good show indeed

Really good. PWB knocking it out the park as usual.

Thought it very enjoyable nonsense and nothing more but performances are great.


It’s certainly not saying anything beyond its plot, but it’s really, really good entertainment. The dialogue is absolutely amazing. It’s one of the few things I’ve actually been excited to sit down and watch an episode of in the evening for ages (one of the others being Fleabag)

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Ha yeah the writing was sharp but think I found the twists within a twist a bit tiring ( watched it back in April so my memory is hazy now, might benefit a rewatch)

the plot was definitely convoluted, to the point where i’d sort of given up trying to understand who was fucking over who by the end, but the performances and scripting were very, very good - watched the whole thing in like 3 days it was so engrossing

so does anyone know if a 2nd season is confirmed?

“we can do a deal, I have money”
“so do I”
“I have children”
“I don’t want your children”

properly laughed out loud at that bit

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Two episodes in and really enjoying so far. Wasn’t expecting it to be quite so amusing.

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It is, yeah! Julian Barrett is apparently in it

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My favourite pre-kill interaction happens a bit later, the bit where she says something along the lines of, ‘I’m going to kill you quickly, then rough your body up afterwards. But first, I’m going to use you for sex’ - the look on his face is hilarious.

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I read that the Eve character is quite different in the books

would read them if they had the same humour as the show but I suspect that might be coming more from PWB than the author

yeah I expect so

There is no explanation why we have an American working in national security like that is there? Does this happen?

I mean it doesn’t make much difference to the plot but just seemed a bit odd. It was good that Oh didn’'t do an accent in it as there were some shockers like that old French woman at the end who veered from straight up english to Allo Allo between sentences.

when she met caroline in the restaurant she said she was born here/had british parents but was raised in the US I think. it’s not a particularly satisfactory explanation but they did attempt one

Ah missed that. That will do me, I wasn’t too bothered just thought it would be odd if it hadn’t been addressed.