Killing Eve

Jay-Z’s Konstantin’s laugh


I’ve enjoyed both seasons a lot but will never rewatch them.

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Got bored and sacked it off, shame.

Finished it but it was a bit of a chore by the end, hopefully they leave it now.

The Julian episode was good, rest was a bit average

2nd season just a bit disappointing really. Whatever it was that made the relationship between Eve and V in the first season so compelling was completely squandered pretty early and it just didn’t have enough without it.

I’ll probably catch up with season 2 eventually as I really love the two lead performances but the story already felt like it had nowhere else to go once Villanelle and Eve met by the end of season 1.

I really liked series 2. I thought the first was exciting fun, and this one was exciting fun (albeit somewhat less so). Tbh, if I hadn’t found out, I wouldn’t have guessed yer Saint Waller-Bridge wasn’t involved.

Music is still sick

Would happily watch Jodie Comer slowly murdering the phone book

Finished it last night have to say I was a little disappointed with the final episode.

Tried watching this - my parents said it was the best thing ever. Bit pants for me tbh. Kind of feels like hot fuzz the tv series. Don’t get it at all. Soz

I can confirm that I am Team Sacked-Off-Season-2-3-Episodes-In, just felt like they repeated a lot of the prior season with diminishing returns.

If people rave about season 3 I will read the episode synopsis, watch the final episode and get back on board

I’m so glad it’s not just me who does this haha


Feel the same. It’s just (to quote V when she was in the art gallery) BOOOOOOORRRRRRIIIIINNNNNGGGG.
This was the best part about season 2.