Killing Eve

Jay-Z’s Konstantin’s laugh


I’ve enjoyed both seasons a lot but will never rewatch them.

Got bored and sacked it off, shame.

Finished it but it was a bit of a chore by the end, hopefully they leave it now.

The Julian episode was good, rest was a bit average

2nd season just a bit disappointing really. Whatever it was that made the relationship between Eve and V in the first season so compelling was completely squandered pretty early and it just didn’t have enough without it.

I’ll probably catch up with season 2 eventually as I really love the two lead performances but the story already felt like it had nowhere else to go once Villanelle and Eve met by the end of season 1.

I really liked series 2. I thought the first was exciting fun, and this one was exciting fun (albeit somewhat less so). Tbh, if I hadn’t found out, I wouldn’t have guessed yer Saint Waller-Bridge wasn’t involved.

Music is still sick

Would happily watch Jodie Comer slowly murdering the phone book