Killing Joke

40 year anniversary tour. Going to see them on Friday. Setlist looks great;

That’s a great set list. Gutted I’m working for the London gig :confused:

Going to see them on Saturday! Only the second time I’ve ever seen them live (1st was only a couple of years ago even though I’ve been a fan for at least 25 years!)

Missing a couple of bands at Damnation Festival to nip down to the O2 for the Joke, it’s a pretty early show with a 10pm curfew so hopefully I’ll be able to leg it back up to the Uni to see The Ocean’s headline set!


Loving their first record atm, he has such a fantastic voice. Real shame that goth gets forgotten, more ppl should hear killing joke than pil (though i like pil)

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Great band, always seemed slightly unfashionable and as a result massively underrated. Never seen them live but they’re one of my bucket list bands, just can’t afford to see them on this tour unfortunately.

First 3 albums are magic obviously but ‘Absolute Dissent’ from 2010 is up there with them for me.


Love KJ, but I have seen them quite a few times in recent years, so still undecided about shelling out nearly £40 for another go. I probably will though.

Yep, goth gets a real unfair hearing these days. Pretty odd considering many post punk bands had similarly cringy themes in their lyrics but seem to get a pass because it’s more academic

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Yeah, I’m off out to see Killing Joke in a bit. Any other Bristolians going?