Kim Gordon solo LP "No Home Record"

ya bothered?

Enjoyed Kim’s worked with Body / Head and quite like the more electronic feel to this, so yeah I’ll be listening

Is the promo shot a wind-up?

  • Yes
  • No

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This is in no way punk rock.


Really like the new track (+ Murdered Out is great) so yeah, looking forward to this.

Love the stuff she’s done post SY so definitely looking forward to this.

Yeah sure, I am interested.

Saw the Body/Head show a few weeks ago and she was in great form. Am interested in this but would prefer another Body/Head LP.

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If you’d shown me that picture 24 hours ago with the face blurred and asked me to guess who it was, Kim Gordon would be the last person on the planet I’d have guessed. Thought maybe it was a bit tongue-in-cheek

You’d have guessed mr motivator before Kim Gordon?

Not a great deal in it but yes

yeah maybe, not at all what I was expecting, pretty good actually

though I’ve never actually bothered with body/head and I’ve barely paid attention to any of them since sonic youth (think steve shelley is the one I’ve ended up hearing most by, which is kinda funny, maybe, or maybe not)

The Glitterbust record is excellent as well btw.

Best of all the post Yoof projects I think. Have seen all three solo and would rank the shows as Kim>Thurston>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Lee.

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I did mean to investigate, just never got round to it… have seen thurston once or twice doing improvy type things because he was on lineups with someone else I wanted to see

was lee bad?

Lee was just boring. Haven’t enjoyed his solo albums and wasn’t exactly thrilled by the live performance. Was good to see Steve drumming with him though.

Really think Sonic Youth are a good example of a band that were greater than the sum of their parts.


Enjoyed this

Think she’s definitely the coolest member. She’d be great fun to hang out and listen to records with.

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The album is so good and yeah she’s just cool isn’t she.


Massively enjoyed it and I’d been braced for something interesting but not compelling.

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