KIMCHI CHAT/General Lakeland stuff

Got myself this didnt i

I’m gonna start making some kimchi

Isn’t lakeland the greatest shop that ever existed?

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Might get a Lakeland heated clothes dryer soon. Dead pricey though innit.

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Get it ant. It’s changed my life.

Take it to the Farting thread


For the better?

it is pretty good. it’s my go to for buying gifts when i can’t think of anything to get someone… random shite from lakeland!

might be going there later today akshually

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Do you read Rhic Samadder’s cook gadget thing in the guardian? He did a fermenter this week, was very pleased with it

My best Lakeland things are Tupperware for carrying cakes with handles and click release tops…got them on inheritance, please me every time!


Of course.

Don’t bother with the little zip up thing they sell there. Just chuck a bedsheet over it.

The stuff on the bottom doesn’t dry too well so I’d like to upgrade to the tall one (i only have medium) and then just not use the bottom layer for anything other than pants.

I almost bought these but I rarely have a stuck toast issue.

thats why I got it cause I almost bought his one but that was like £21! I got the medium sized one which was just £7.99 from lakeland. BARG.

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i imagine it’s like a toilet plunger

always better to have before you actually need it

Which one have you got?

You’d more than make your money back on the first slice, though.

I should buy a toilet plunger.

Lakeland do any good ones?

True. I’ve got issues with my toaster. My housemate isn’t get toaster conscious and never cleans out the crumb tray so it always sets off the fire alarm.

She’s not really conscious with anything tho. I also got some dishwasher cleaner because I like a clean dishwasher and she puts fully dirty dishes in with food still on and wonders why they don’t come out clean!

This one. I got it as a gift for my 28th birthday. It’s a good thing for the xmas list?
(I can’t seem to link it cause it ends with one of our emoji shortcuts?)

I really like it because you can just have it half open for a short wash and it can go flat against the wall so it really doesn’t take up that much space that way and it’s perf

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yeah i mean am i really gonna make kimchi?
probably not

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My mum almost bought this but i had to stop her