KIMCHI CHAT/General Lakeland stuff

I’ve never bought anything from there but feel pressure to do so.

sauerkraut though

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Nice one, ta. Seen they’ve got a £35 version which I might give a go innit.

you shock me eps, thought for sure you would be a bathroom doomsday prepper

I do that too for sure
I’ve tried every craft under the sun!

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The only times I’ve had to unblock a toilet were due to living with a serial bog roll overuser (some of the most infuriating conversations of my life… “Oh so I’m just supposed to use less toilet roll or flush more than once?!” “…yes?”).

Perhaps I’m being overconfident.

these are shite. Don’t get them. The glue melts and they break apart.

Find Lakeland cool to wander around but tend to buy things elsewhere because it’s a bit pricecore.


WE MADE KIMCHI a big washing up bowl full.
Was really proud of it but the whole process of making it was one of the grossest things I’ve ever done . Had to make a big fish gloop with glutinous rice flour and fish sauce , could smell it for days. Gonna leave it out next time and do a vegan one
alls well that ends well