Kind of odd how there are no contemporary indie male solo artists who are any good


except Meilyr Jones. oh and Alex Cameron if he counts?

loads of female ones though. loving Julien Baker, Julia Holter, Mitski, Tomberlin and Kathryn Joseph at the moment. Kississippi and Frankie Cosmos are really good too.


Jack penate!


jake bugg


Band, right?
Both crutchfield sisters could be in your list though though


Really? Thought it was her project. If she is taken off the list i’m discounting Alex Cameron anyway.



Waxahatchee (Katie crutchfield) and Alison crutchfield (Alison crutchfield)


Imagine coming onstage to a sold out audience and saying there are no good male solo indie acts


Oliver Wilde mate. He’s good.


think Frankie Cosmos has become one of those slightly ambiguous ones that gets referred to as both band and solo thing. pretty sure it was originally just her putting out shitloads of albums on bandcamp by herself though


Kevin Morby is decent.
Ezra furman
Amen dunes


i quite like Villagers, but not sure how much of DiS agrees


Came here to post Kevin Morby

Also (Sandy) Alex G


White Fence obv


Lots of people will incorrectly think mac demarco is good but he’s not


Amen Dunes is awful (sorry!)

Thought Kevin Morby was an old dance producer so haven’t given him a listen (sorry again!)


if garage rock bangers count then Ty Segall.

most of the others that come to mind are quite folky


Jo Lean


depends what you mean by contemporary, indie, male, solo and artists


The Jeff rosenstock album this year was quite good


Have you heard of Sting?