Kind of odd how there are no contemporary indie male solo artists who are any good


1000x this


Glad no-one’s said Father John Misty either. He’s a crock of shite

Think men might be bad at making music


Kiefer Sutherland


yeah, ezra furman for sure.


Colin Mawson


And eskimeaux (ó/Gabby’s World or whatever she’s called now), Anna Burch, Anna McClellan, Gia Margaret, GABI, Haley Heynderickx, Juliana Daugherty, Lucy Dacus, Rachel Angel, Sun June, Wished Bone to name a few, plus a tonne of bands.


Conor is a GBOL.


Kevin Devine


H Hawkline


Kurt Vile
Steve Gunn
Daniel Blumberg
Moses Sumney
Marlon Williams


Sam Evian
Ed Dowie
Ryley Walker
Gruff Ryhs
Mount Eerie
Stephen Malkmus


Car seat headrest!


Mount Eerie is good, rest are shite


I was thinking of him/them - as I understand it they’re much more of a band these days? (Though Toledo is still very much the head Headrest)


Yeah they’re more of a band now in that he doesn’t play every instrument on the record & occasionally you can hear someone else sing. He could still replace everyone in the band & i wouldn’t bat an eye though


William Patrick Corgan is excellent.


Doesn’t Peter Broderick count?


+Phoebe Bridgers
+Nadia Reid

Gotta add those 2 into the mixer


Nadine Shah too

Was just listing things from this year really, but they’re both brilliant


This is another ‘music I don’t like’ thread

And father john misty is fucking brilliant