Kind of odd how there are no contemporary indie male solo artists who are any good


Fionn Regan.


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I dunno mate, ol’ Teddy Sheerans got a few bangers



Chance The Rapper

Not signed to a label, means he’s indie.


Kind of odd how there are
no contemporary indie male solo
artists who are any good

Jordan, that was a haiku!


What do white men with guitars have left to say? Indie rock is a pretty stangnant genre in general but the perspective from other genders, who have always been massively under-represented, is more appealing than another album from yer average white male 4 piece, innit


Big fan of “Ufjan Steven”


It is interesting how the female solo artist is completely dominating at the moment (and most of the decade really), not just in terms of numbers but quality, most of the best music is solo women. Wonder if it is something to do with the solo set up combined with the internet making it easier to bypass male dominated scenes and be heard, also wonder how much great music we missed out on in the past before whatever changed changed (not saying there weren’t great solo women in the past but that they were less represented)


Saw them a couple of nights ago & they’re (she’s) really good
Played about 400 lovely songs in an about an hour


yeah i went to the Belfast show. mainly to see Squarehead but enjoyed both a lot.


That Justin Vernon guy who lives in a shed



Ed Sheeran anyone?


10 years since his last (amazing) album, next summer.


Daniel Blumberg’s album this year is exceptionally good.


Oh shoot, I forgot about that album and need to revisit it. I thought his other solo project Hebronix was fantastic.


Bill Callaghan
Mark Kozelek


Perfume Genius
John Grant
Bill Ryder-Jones


Trevor Powers, especially under Youth Lagoon.


DM Stith