Kind of odd how there are no contemporary indie male solo artists who are any good


Colin stetson


Would also like to add Douglas Dare to the list of criminally underrated artists.


Fred Thomas
Chad Vangaalen
David Thomas Broughton
Helado Negro
Cindy Lee
Toro Y Moi
Art Feynman
Ian William Craig

^^ some of those are probably indie


Just remembered that “I’ve been sleeping in a stable, mate” line.


WIlliam Corgan


Daniel Rossen, if/when he gets round to releasing anything else


Probably should’ve stated that by contemporary i mean more ones that have broken through in the last couple years


Ummmm, ever heard of this guy called Mac DeMarco?


Welcome to the boards!


No I haven’t


Ezra Furman is (was?) gender fluid. Doesn’t count.


oh yeh, Devon Welsh


Not that new but the last Chad Vangaalen album from last year seemed to be ignored and was really good.

Also A. Savage


Does Richard Dawson count?


No sir. As above, I meant people on their first album or who have otherwise broken through recently (so you could argue Julia Holter shouldn’t be on my list. Gwenno should’ve though)


Connan Mockasin


Kane Strang.




So, additions;
Douglas Dare

50/50 on including Ian William Craig. He’s great but dunno if he fits the criteria