Kind of odd how there are no contemporary indie male solo artists who are any good


Douglas Dare is very good. Looking forward to another album from him next year hopefully.

My two favourite chaps from this year are:

Sam Vance-Law and his debut album Homotopia. Mostly quite poppy and catchy like The Divine Comedy back in the 90s. Although he also has a couple of nice sad songs which are good too:

and Jonathan Bree and his new album, Sleepwalking, is pretty cool:


Mac Demarco?

(waits for the lols)


Jimothy Lacoste


Blood Orange obv


John Grant
Matt Elliott
Micah P. Hinson
Peter Broderick
Douglas Dare


Not odd at all. In fact, I was sorely tempted to simply post “*have never been any”, but Beck and Sufjan Stevens gave me pause


This thread: there’s no-one good

Dis users that think there is someone good: There’s someone good, and there’s this someone who is good too

This Thread: No they aren’t good


I’ve accepted Douglas Dare.


Yes! Saw him at green man and he was fab!
His sister, Heather Woods Broderick, is also fab but, alas, ineligible for this thread.


Despite being ineligible for thread, i’m giving this a like as Heather Woods Broderick is fantastic!


just came to the board to talk about the newish Damien Jurado album and this was the first thread available

Exceptional album!


there was an enjoyable bit of “no not that kind of contemporary indie male solo artist” back at the beginning too i thought


This could go in the 2018 bangers thread but is better served here.

There’s a wealth of decent indie male solo artists, and of course another vote for ya boi Mac DeMarco.


The track of his used in that montage during Wild Wild Country was one of my moments of the year.


He he…‘Ooooh if you’re going to bring up thooose kind of contemporary male indie artists!’


I was kind of in agreement with ya

Then as I scrolled through the thread and shook off the morning cobwebs I realized how incorrect a statement this is.


To clarify (again);

Artists that are new or have only just had any recognition.


Updated list;
Julien Baker, Mitski, Tomberlin, Julia Holter, Kathryn Joseph, Kississippi, Haley Henderickx, Gia Margaret
Meilyr Jones, Alex Cameron, Douglas Dare

I’d 8-3 be a fan of contemporary indie male solo artists right now!


I’m surprised how many people see Mac DeMarco as a leading light of our time


Women also killing it in the realm of slightly heavier music: King Woman, Miserable, Fvnerals, Emma Ruth Rundle, Lingua Ignota, Chelsea Wolfe