Kind of odd how there are no contemporary indie male solo artists who are any good


He was playing here last night, I considered going along as I don’t mind some of his stuff but it sold out. Friends posted several video clips on instagram and the crowd seemed to be loudly and enthusiastically singing along to actually every word of every song. Kind of baffling.

He’s alright though, but that last album was a bit dull.

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I don’t mind him either but don’t get the fuss at all. A decent soft rock songwriter buoyed by a cult of personality

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He’s a lifestyle / fashion celebrity for people my age as well. Its really quite boring at this stage

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Him and Tame Impala are mentioned a staggering number of times in the screenshots on this instagram page


Hilary Woods should probably be on there actually. Was the one this year her first solo album?

I still missed off Gwenno too what am I like


Think she’s had a couple of EPs in the past but Colt is the first full length


Its just strange how music very quickly becomes a uniform for people - ‘i like two artists and i play toploader at parties’

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What counts as indie now


Well I suppose there’s Christian Fitness

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dude could crush it if he was so inclined


Only just got round to listening to Jenny Hval. She’s in!


Check out the album she did with Susanna, Meshes Of Voice. It’s pretty intense.


Yowler is on the list

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