Kinda weird how humans love air

But if food spends too much time in it it tastes worse


Just got a thing for bad boys (air)

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You sexy boy

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Weird how folk’ll gladly aerate chocolate but you’ll rarely see an aerated, for example, Refreshers Bar

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Donna air
Donner food

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I sometimes aerate my feet, yet less frequently my penis


Less frequently, my penis (LFMP)

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Oh right, yeah

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Donner und blitzen

All right, Mr. Gove.

Weird how air is mostly nitrogen but you hardly hear about it. It’s all oxygen this oxygen that. Just once I would like to be offered nitrogen when I’m in medical need of air.


Fair helps the old vin rouge though :+1::wine_glass:

But not for too long, eh. Numbers has got you banged to rights.

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But wine doesn’t last long :thinking:

love air? you should’ve come over