Kindle book deals/discount thread (Rolling)

This was excellent, thank you!


Currently watching the Patrick rothfuss episodes of critical role and wondering if he ever released the last book in his trilogy? Or are people still waiting? Cos if it’s the latter then LOL

LOL away, my friend. LOL away.


6 years ago

Wait YouTube is being weird

Yeah I think he’s a year behind GRRM. I assume they’re in a game of chicken with each other regarding their next book.

This is meant to be excellent

99p for Mexican Gothic, fun horror read for the fun horror gang


Murakami for £1.99.

99p today
Absolutely loved this. Well worth getting if you’ve not read it and like the sound of it


Sorry. I can recommend the last three and have been meaning the read the first two.

Ever since this came out, been meaning to read. Exactly my kind of thing.

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Ah. Already bought it. Hehe.

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This Amazon link (hopefully) will work if you click on the banner, where it will give you a £3 kindle credit if you spend £10 on Kindle books in the next 5 days or so… Just need ten 99p books for me to buy to claim that sweet free credit!

FTFY :wink:


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Just bought a £2.09 book, so am maybe back on track for just needing ten books… It seems very hit and miss though, and I think you maybe had a bit of a frustration with the language of one of his other books.

Ended up buying the above book, because he and the below author seemed to like each other’s books. Posting a link for Chouette below as it is one of my favourite books of recent years, and is definitely worth the discounted £2.99 price:

Yeah, Leave the World Behind opened poorly for me but I got into it. However I wasn’t completely sold on it in the end.

They’re making a film and some of the casting choices (including at least one that was switched iirc) sounded wrong to the point where I assume they’re going to change some of it, and probably for the worse, going off Hollywood’s previous form.

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Bought this and Canticle for 99p each and have finished them both in less than two weeks, both utterly tremendous value! Canticle was really good but I thought Eversion was excellent, thanks for the recommendations for both to you and everyone else who mentioned them :+1:


Just bought Starve Acre as I can see it’s had a few good reviews/comments from DiS folk:


Tossing it up TBH. I thought The Loney was good but possibly a little long and the setup for this one just sounds a bit tough to deal with…