Kindle book deals/discount thread (Rolling)

Ooh, on first glance I’m tempted by both of them. Will read up a bit more and decide.

Also seen this book from last year pop up on today’s daily deal for (a pricey for me!) £1.99. Seems to have nice reviews, historical fiction/magical realism/steampunk. Will give it a purchase.

The Second Sight of Zachary Cloudesley - Sean Lusk

: The spellbinding BBC Between the Covers book club pick eBook :

My kingdom for an end to this shit on Amazon.


I had bought a book called Bunny on Kindle recently, and whenever I clicked the top of the screen (where it shows the title of the book you were reading), it displayed the title as “Bunny - TikTok Made Me Buy It”. ugh. Keep it in the advertising if you must, but don’t stick it on my (digital) book.


Been burned twice so now have A Rule: any mention of TikTok like this and ahm oot

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Gutted. I love that book. Knew it was a matter of time before it became “a thing”. I saw this on a book on my wishlist too so have now deleted it. Don’t want to be a snob but cleary…I am :sweat_smile:

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It’s so annoying but it is a really fun book tbf


This came up as a recommendation and i quite like the sound of it. Maybe. Not so sure on the podcast format. Anyway, noticed its part if a series of 6 and all but book 2 are 99p each at the moment too

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I read a podacst format one last year and it did my head in. I want my book to be book format, old fashioned as I am. I read a few trashy one that did loads of text message exchanges too but had them in a little bubble or like it was a phone screen. Awful move.

However, i do like the sound of these and the reviews and that they’re northern.

Have bought all except book 2 because as we know, you can buy infinite 99p books with no financial consequences but 1 book of £4.49 will end in bankruptcy.


Just saw that a short story collection by Sayaka Murata is 99p, so that’s quickly purchased. I absolutely loved Earthlings, and enjoyed Convenience Store Woman too.



Down to 99p:


Ooh thanks.
I’ve read and mostly really liked his other books, but hadn’t bought this one for whatever reason. Bought now!

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Good book. I’ve got the hardback, would definitely recommend picking it up for 99p