Kindle book deals/discount thread (Rolling)

Epimer flings another deal out before running for cover behind the plants. The ensuing explosion leaves bits of prose all over the rest of DiS.


Might be of interest to some folk:

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Enjoyed that Terry Pratchett book a lot. Should’ve waited a couple of months!

Manual downloading never occurred to me. I buy with one click on my phone or laptop then the next time I open my Kindle it’s there. Haven’t opened it for a couple of weeks, and look at all that fresh meat!

Also I feel like I’ve been reading Mrs Dalloway for a year, fucking hell.

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Ah well, I have no idea why mine doesn’t download automatically.

Had a look and my old Kindle (which I want to use for my daughter but she has too many physical books still) is on there but neither it nor this one were default so maybe that’s why.

Only of any use if you read and enjoyed the first book, but 99p for this:


It’s better than the first and reckon it would work standalone actually.

Mine does not auto download

Is yours your default device?


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I’ve tried looking for settings to autodownload, and can’t find any. The books will pop up in my kindle automatically after purchase and opening it up, but I have to click on each one to start the download to my kindle to be able to read it.

I keep my Kindle on aeroplane mode all the time so it wouldn’t auto download anything even if I wanted it to.

How does anything get on there if it’s on aeroplane mode?

I turn aeroplane mode off for 30 seconds and then sync after each purchase!

Wowser. You reckon it saves a lot if battery?

I often end up dropping into my phone’s app to kerp reading if I don’t have a pocket big enough for my Kindle so I need it on WiFi all the time to make sure it syncs

By sync do you mean click settings > sync your Kindle or do you click on each book to open it up?

The former!

Interesting, if I do that it doesn’t actually download the book. Mine does auto sync new items and the cover art, but doesn’t commence downloading the actual text until the first open.

Dunno. Had my first one years ago and the advice online then was too keep it in aeroplane mode to save the battery. Modern ones might be better. Guess you’re also less likely these days to be a month away from anywhere to charge!

I think the back light uses far more battery and mine is often on because unless I’m in very bright light it’s often necessary (reading in bed while my wife sleeps is one of the main advantages of the kindle)