Kindle (really boring thread)

Should I just a paper white and ignore the voyager and oasis? Waterproof would be sweet but not if battery is crap. Voyage or whatever it’s called has scroll buttons in the side so you can read one handed though. Will I really care for all that extra cash?

What do you have? Tell me kindle anecdotes

I like my Paperwhite a lot and have never had issues with it in the bath or owt. Feels like the pricey ones are a bit expensive for what is essentially the exact same functionality fundamentally to me.

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didn’t realise there was a waterproof kindle now.

I’ve got a voyage and if it was waterproof it would be perfect. not really sure what the difference between a voyage and a paperwhite is? but definitely get a backlit one so you can read it in bed. (i think both of those are backlit? idk)

i’m sure this post was a massive help

Yeah, paperwhite is fine I reckon

don’t need anything more than the basic one really


I just use my phone: set white text on black and keep it largish.

Dunno, Kindle was fine but it’s another device to keep track of and I so often find myself being able to snatch some reading while pushing the girl on the swings or something.

Upgraded to a Paperwhite last year and having the backlight made a huge difference.

It would be quite nice to have buttons to change page - especially in winter where I can’t change page if I’ve got my gloves on or reading one handed - but probably a bit of a luxury.

Yeah same here but the screen is cracked so reading it tough, and my ipad has a lot of glare on it. It’s only with having so much uni reading to do in the next year, hopefully two years if I can find the money to extend it to an MFA, that I think it’d be worthwhile.

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I quite often use my nose!


I’ve borrowed one before and it does actively annoy me when I’m lying on my side having to turn the page so those buttons are the side are really bloody drawing me in

the buttons aren’t great tbh

they’re not real buttons, they’re sensors and can be a bit fiddly. honestly don’t think you’d miss them.

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i’ve got what i think is the basic one. what more features can they have?

The actual buttons for page turning on my ancient Kindle are great, can’t see why they got rid of them? I’d like a backlight but otherwise can’t see how my old (2012?) model could be improved.

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Higher resolution text
Back light (for reading at night time)
Touch screen (for touching)

oh i have all of those, guess i’m not as basic as i thought

Fucking futuristic, bro!

(They ditched the nice simple ones ages ago I think.)

Amazon kind of fucked themselves making the original models so good, they’re all still really usable and no one feels the need to upgrade, and second-hand price has stayed pretty high.

My first one (with a keyboard) died after a few years. Got a paperwhite now. Much better.

Thank you for proving my point get stuffed mate!

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