Kindle (really boring thread)

Thinking about getting one but I like books?
But I also hate to hold books in bed and also carry heavy books about.

and i also hate that I now have loads of books that I will have to throw out.
My train journeys will be going up to 25 mins soon so it would be worthwhile for me to read more but I DUNNO

why would you throw them out?

Cause what am I gonna do with loads of books?

I’ve read them. Probably won’t read them again. Don’t like the bookcase/clutter look in my home. Just seems a bit pointless keeping books?

Yeah I chucked most of mine into charity.

Kindles are good for reading more. That’s about all I can say. I don’t miss books now.

oh well then wouldn’t you be throwing them out anyway? don’t get how that relates to the kindle

i like books but think my reading is split 50/50 between them and the kindle now, find it especially useful for reading web articles

If she has a Kindle and buys all her books digitally she won’t be able to throw books out any more.

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How are they for laying on your side and reading?
I like to lay in bed with my hand on the other pillow, holding the book there.

I love my paperwhite, not sure what the voyager and things are.

I really wish reading didn’t make me sleepy, I can usually only manage a chapter a night.

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I can only read a page at the most some times.

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THIS is why I want page turning buttons that you can do one handed, which isn’t on the paperwhite, but a few people have said they’re not that responsive anyway. Will probably just use my nose as suggested up thread as I’m too lazy to use two hands :relaxed:


I only ever had the old one with buttons on the side. It was very light but normally I rest my reader on my chest so not sure of this position sorry.

@scout you only tap the screen edge with your thumb so it’s as easy as the buttons. The only thing I liked with the old non touch screen was you could hold it on the screen

Like Theo, I’ve got the old one with actual buttons - I find it fine for reading in pretty much any position.

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I’ve long been in the anti-ereader pro-actual-books club, but my brother has one and talked a lot about how much he enjoyed it so I got one in autumn last year. In short: it’s been brilliant. I’ve not read so much since my literature degree at university.

I bought a Kobo rather than a Kindle, largely because I didn’t want the lock-in to Amazon’s services (and partly because the Kobos work with the Pocket read-later service). It’s really light, almost weirdly so, and moving back and forward between pages is either done with a tap or a swipe. Totally usable with one hand.

Other ebook wankers: can I draw your attention to ? It is excellent.