My Kindle just died… I think.

What’s been happening in the world of the Kindle for the past five years? What should I be looking at? Mine has a keyboard.


They’re all like touch screen and that now aren’t they?


Think they’ve made a really good new one this year innit, sounds like somebody is in for a Christmas treat…


get yersel a backlit one. complete gamechanger.

only other thing I want from it is water-proofing then it will be a 100% perfect product.


thought the point of a kindle was that it isn’t backlit? was that not meant to be the revolution?


So the paperwhite one? £105 with ads!


I’ve got a paperwhite one but not the latest model. I would strongly recommend it for the backlight.


if you are in daylight the backlight switches off, it auto-adjusts depending on the lighting.

you don’t have to switch on a lamp if you’re reading in bed, much better.


I’ve got a load of unread books on it that I can’t get aararrrrggghhh

Not necessarily acquired through Amazon…


Not still on your computer somewhere?


No, cut and paste those suckers. Can’t even remember what I had on there…


I got a Kobo, because Amazon = EVIL, obv.


I have roughly 300 books on my Kindle so I know how you’d feel.


is it easy to put amazon books on a kobo?

I remember trying to find out and as far as I could tell it was possible, but a bit of a ballache


I have no idea.


@theo ?


You can convert any book file in seconds


do amazon not have a mad DRM security thing on theirs though? (I may have made this up)


I’m finding it difficult to look into these. Their website doesn’t work, John Lewis don’t sell them anymore…


Surely you would be within your rights to just pinch a copy of those ones?