King Creosote

Anyone else generally obsessed with King Creosote on here?

I’m trying to build a complete collection of his stuff which is a considerable task given a) his output and b) some of the early fence stuff is near impossible to find. His website and fanzine used to offer up the occasional chance to buy some it but even that seems to have dried up of late!

If anyone is interested in discussing the early fence stuff post here!!

And perhaps this is a good place to ask where to start as a newcomer…

Only started listening to him again recently (he turned into such a relentlessly grumpy bastard after the downfall of Fence that it was hard to enjoy his music). He’s got some brilliant albums. I’ve got quite a few of the Fence releases, although Rocket DIY is still my ‘go to’ CD when I fancy some KC.

Kenny and Beth’s Musakal Boat Rides is probably the best entry point. Basically a ‘best of’ his Fence releases, with loads of songs he still plays live (and occasionally re-records) now.

Fence is still very much alive (albeit without The Pictish Trial and others). I’m not sure why they fell out but it all seems very sad given the original impetus for the label and the imaginative music, gigs and so on that the Fence did quite brilliantly.

In terms of entry points for KC I’d say along with Rocket DIY that KC Rules Ok and Thrawn both of which are kinds of compilations, Diamond Mine (with John Hopkins) and Bombshell are all easily available and broadly representative although given his output it’s hard to say there is a definite album.

Cracking new release this morning from Kenny…


Very good news. I thought he’d been quiet of late

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