King Creosote

Not sure how well a dedicated KC thread will do but there seemed to be a fair amount of love for him in this weeks new releases thread.

This recording of him performing at Other Voices Cardigan festival from a couple of days ago playing mostly tracks from the new LP is very lovely.

Hopefully he will do more touring soon and play will a full band. The last time I saw KC was back in 2009 supporting Sea Power. I’ve seen him 4 times and I am always blown away by how powerful his voice is.


New album is pretty decent

Really like this track from the older albums


I had a friend who owned every single Fence release, even all the CDRs. Loved KC.

From Scotland with Love as a whole is gorgeous.


New album is one of his very best imho, and Susie Mullen is an all-time track

Off to see him in 2 hours


This’ll be my 5th time seeing him (one of them being a live performance of From Scotland With Love) and I hadn’t realised I’d caught him so much. But he’s an icon and so prolific, so I’m glad to support him


Sad I totally missed this new album and the gigs this time round.

Also his work with Jon Hopkins is absolutely incredible


He’s in Glasgow for celtic connections end of jan

Only seen him once so far, about 5 years ago touring Astronaut Meets Appleman. Had a nice time.

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Thanks! Going to try and go

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He’s playing Celtic Connections in Jan

Le Celtic Connectionsoi


Love it when he has his vocals really upfront

This ep thing with Jon Hopkins is very lovely


Can’t stop listening to this now

So beautiful


From a Scotland with Love and Diamond Mine are both wonderful. I haven’t checked out much else so this thread is useful.

What’s considered to be the A tier stuff?

Oh this for sure


Great bit of kraut-folk


I’ve only seen him live once - I think around 2005 touring KC Rules OK (maybe in Night & Day cafe)?

I’d got into him through the lo-fi/homemade type aesthetic of Kenny and Beth Musakal Boat Rides. There’s some great on there like Homeboy, Pulling Up Creels & Friday Night in New York but I didn’t initially get a sense of what he was fully capable of. It was only after seeing him live that I was blown away by how good is voice was, and as the production became more polished on subsequent records it really started to shine.

Jealous of anyone getting to see him play the new album this month. Hopefully he’ll announce a full tour soon.


KC Rules OK as said, Bombshell, and imho the newest one

Can’t believe out of nowhere he’ll be making a push for both Scottish album of the year and my actual AOTY. Kenny outta leftfield!