King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard

new tune ‘Rattlesnake’

from new album ‘Flying Microtonal Banana’ out in February

I saw them at The Moth Club in August (maybe). Very good live. Not sure if I fancy their newly announced gig at Kentish Town Forum. Good band.

They are great live. Actually think Papier Mache Dream Balloon, their acoustic album, is their best. Hope they do another in the future. This is head nodding good party rock though.

I really like the way they use the harmonica in their jams, somehow kind of different to how I’ve heard it used before. More like another guitar.

The use of harmonica in Gamma Knife is exemplary

Papier Mache Dream Balloon and Quarters are joint favourites for me. They blow me away every time!

Nonagon Infinity was another strong addition to their catalogue.

fantastic live band

really looking forward to Gizzfest in a couple of weeks

new album pre-order details are up

Another new album! Still playing the fuck out of Nonagon Infinity, which has to be the most thrilling album I’ve heard in a long time. Wonderful band.

4 studio albums in 2017!

F O U R!

actually, just saw another site saying 5!

Most bands you’d think it would be bluster but gizz will obviously rattle off 4/5 crackers. Well, I expect a couple of them will be better than the rest. Probably a few concepts in there too. Fun band to follow!

Really didn’t think I’d like them but they were amazing live at green man

A really silly name, but they’re pretty decent. Quite liked their last single and into Rattlesnakes.

aye, the front cover of the new one says Vol 1


so the new album then? anybody listened yet?

my vinyl came last week

i have only had one run through so far, first thought is it’s pretty ‘jazzy’ and noodly - and i guess that’s the microtonal thing about it

off to give it some more time now

They don’t disappoint, do they? The new one is a relentless, jazzy racket! No doubt that I’ll be playing the shit out of this over the weekend.

Yeah they’re the modern masters of hypnotic noodling. This one is totally hitting the sweet spot for me. I loved Nonagon but the sheer intensity of it made me pull away after a while. I can see this one occupying me over a longer period.

Yeah I can see what you mean about Nonagon. I find I return to Quarters most often out of all their records… Do you have a favourite of theirs?